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How to apply SingPass for Maids / MDW / Domestic Helpers 2022 – Complete Step-By-Step Guide

NOTE: This article “Apply SingPass for maids / domestic helpers / MDWs” is ONLY applicable for domestic helpers who have a valid Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower. If you are searching for application of SingPass for other types of Work Passes, please see here. ) ) 

Step-by-step guide for Application of SingPass for Maids / Domestic Helpers/ MDWs

As we have gotten multiple feedbacks from our customers (employers and helpers) on the difficulties that they faced trying to apply SingPass for maids, we have gone one step further and prepared a step-by-step guide to help everyone. Able Best hopes this guide would be useful for all employers and helpers.

Some of the uses of applying SingPass for maids is:

Step 1 Register for Singapass (

Register Singpass for Maids

You will need to key in the following details as required

  • Full name ( As shown in your FIN card)
  • FIN number
  • Date of issue (IMPORTANT: For MDWs, you will need to input the DATE OF APPLICATION and NOT the Date of Issue. For new cards with a QR code, you can use the SGWorkPass app ( on your mobile phone to scan the QR code to view the card’s date of application. You will have to enter this date of application when asked to provide the date of issue of your identification card. ) 

Fill all the required details such as your full name as like in NRIC or FIN card, NRIC or FIN card number, Issued date, captcha. Click submit to complete the application.Once completed, you will receive SingPass and PIN to your registered address within 4 working days. 

Sample of the SingPass Mailer and PIN sent to the employer’s registered address

Step 2 – Sign Up via SingPass Mobile App / SingPass Website

Now that you have registered for SingPass for maids, you can set up your SingPass account via the SingPass Mobile App or the SingPass website.

Sign up via SingPass Mobile App (Recommended) (

Upon receiving the PIN Mailer, you can set up your SingPass account and SingPass Mobile app. Visit the App Store and download ‘SingPass Mobile’ (  Make sure the developer is a ‘Government Technology Agency’ before downloading the app. Once you have read the Terms of Use and Privacy statement, you can launch the app. Tap ‘Okay’ to proceed to set up your SingPass Mobile app. You will then receive a message to allow SingPass Mobile to send you notifications.

Proceed by logging into your SingPass account with your SingPass ID (FIN) and the one-time password found in the PIN Mailer that was sent to your registered address. Once the app verifies your identity, you can create your SingPass password and your 6-digit passcode for you to verify your identity when using SingPass Mobile. Your SingPass Mobile app is now ready for use!



Sign up via SingPass website. (

When setting up your SingPass account via the SingPass website, you must log in with your SingPass ID and password. SingPass will notify you when there are changes made to your account details. Select your preferred mode,  and click ‘Next’. Enter the One-Time Password sent to your mobile number (and email address) to verify that your contact details are correct. Create your new SingPass password, then click ‘Next’. You have successfully updated your SingPass account!


Congratulations! And you’re done! It’s that simple.

After you have successfully set up the newly created SingPass, your helper can access all government portals that require the SingPass login to access.