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Complete Guide to Maid Salary in Singapore 2022

Overview of Maid Salary in Singapore 2022 

In Singapore, there are no laws or regulations in place for minimum salary being paid to MDWs. However, there are laws imposed by the source country (the country that the MDW comes from) on minimum salary requirements for their overseas migrant workers. We give you an overall rundown in this guide to maid salary in Singapore 2022. We will cover the salary of MDWs from Indonesia, Myanmar, and Philippines in this article as Able Best specialises in the helpers from these countries.

To avoid the confusion of salary indications, you can refer to the below statement for clarification:


Description of Category of MDW (Migrant Domestic Worker)

  • Fresh (Non-experienced or only worked in their home country, first time in Singapore)
  • Ex-Overseas (Experienced working in another country other than their home country, first time in Singapore)
  • Experienced or Ex-SG (Previously worked in Singapore before but went back to their home country)
  • Transfer (Currently in Singapore but looking for a new employer, worked for previous employer(s))

Maid Salary in Singapore Comparison Table

maid salary in singapore 2022
NOTE: The above maid salary in Singapore table indicates the BASIC SALARY suggested for the different nationalities MDWs and experience levels. “maid salary in singapore 2022” 

Definition of Salary

“Basic monthly salary” means all remuneration payable monthly to a MDW that does not vary from month to month on any basis in respect of work done under her contract of service. However, basic monthly salary does not include:

  1. any allowances
  2. any form of overtime payment, bonus, commission, or annual wage supplements.
  3. any in-kind payments.
  4. any form of reimbursements, including for expenses incurred by the MDW in the course of her employment.
  5. any productivity incentive payments.
  6. any contributions payable by the employer to any pension or provident fund, including any contributions made on the MDW’s behalf
  7. any gratuity payable on the discharge, retrenchment, or retirement of the MDW.

“maid salary in singapore 2022” NOTE: The above information is extracted from the Conditions of Work Pass EMFA)

maid salary in singapore

Rules and Regulations regarding salary and compensation for MDW in Singapore (Conditions of work pass EMFA)

  • The employer is required to pay the fixed monthly salary due to the MDW not later than 7 days after the last day of the salary period. Any salary period agreed between the employer and MDW shall not exceed one month.
  • The employer shall grant the MDW a rest day without pay for every 7-day period (including Sunday and public holidays). The rest day must be any day within the 7-day period and must be mutually agreed between the employer and the foreign employee.
  • If the MDW is required and agrees to work in lieu of the rest day, she must get a replacement rest day. The replacement rest day must be a day within the same month as the rest day to be taken and must be mutually agreed between the employer and the MDW. She can also agree to receive monetary compensation which shall not be less than the rate of pay for one day’s work of the foreign employee. (Rate of pay for one day’s work shall be the MDW’s monthly rate of pay divided by 26)
  • The MDW’s salary can be paid through cash or direct transfer into her bank account in a bank in Singapore. The employer shall maintain a record of the monthly salary paid to the MDW that is accessible to the MDW upon request and produce the record upon request by any public officer acting in his official capacity.
  • The employer must not by any means (and with or without the assistance of another) prevent or restrict the access to or use by the MDW of any salary or moneys belonging to her, regardless of whether she consents.

“maid salary in singapore 2022” NOTE: The above information is extracted from the Conditions of Work Pass EMFA)

Salary Increment/Adjustments

Although not mandatory, giving your MDW an increment on a yearly or 2-yearly basis, similar to how employees get a rise every year, is an excellent idea and should be encouraged. This will be a reward for her excellent work as well as an acknowledgement of her additional experience. Another approach is to consider paying her a contract gratuity at the end of her contract. This incentive may encourage your FDW to improve her performance in her daily activities.


At the end of the day, all terms and conditions of the maid salary in singapore 2022 must be agreed mutually between both the employer and the MDW. We hope that this maid salary in singapore has been useful to you.

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